We’re moving to London!

We’re the Almontes. A couple of newlyweds about to embark on (what will hopefully be) the experience of a lifetime: we’re moving to London.


This is the face most people make when we tell them our exciting news. Some people just don’t get why we’d want to leave behind our family and friends to go live and work in another country. But if you know us, if you REALLY know us, you’d totally get it. We’re both avid travelers and combined have been to about (or is it over?) 20 countries. And we’re just getting started. We both have always talked about one day living abroad. Little did we know that “one day” would come sooner than we thought.

Andy’s company offered him a more senior role in its London office – and the offer was just too sweet to pass up. So now we are packing up our belongings and our amazing Frenchton, Penny, and moving to the UK.

The process of moving to another country has been fun, exciting (yay to getting a new place!) and yet extremely stressful. We own the apartment we currently live in and therefore have to deal with finding tenants because let’s face it – nobody wants pay for rent AND mortgage!


And it’s not JUST the apartment, we also have to give back our leased car (aka the big bitch), sell a bunch of stuff we don’t want to take with us, pack, figure out how things work in the UK (where will we live?; what are NI numbers?; how do we open up bank accounts?) and of course make time for friends and family whose faces now look like a combination of both images above.

So we decided to start this blog to document the process of moving to London and then, once we are there, allow you a way to follow us on the amazing times we hope to have. This is our way of sharing that amazingness with you. You’re welcome.


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