Penny is coming too

I’m going to preface this entry by saying that WordPress has changed its layout since my last post. So bear with me while I figure this out (yet again).

So…for those of you who haven’t seen or heard of Penny here she is penny's twin 2

Ok I lie. That’s not really Penny but Penny and this dog look so much alike that I’m sure you get the point (twinies!).

I grew up with a dog and even though our family dog, Laidee, wasn’t very nice to me as a little girl (I admit it was mainly my fault), I turned out to be a huge animal lover. After Laidee ran away – long story which is all my grandparent’s fault – my parents decided we would not get another pet. And when I moved out of my parents house in 2007, I debated getting a dog of my own but decided against it since I was usually gone for 12+ hours a day. So when Andy and I moved in together I got back to my mission of becoming a dog owner. It took me YEARS to convince Andy to get a dog. He never grew up with dogs and I got the sense he wasn’t a huge dog lover (at least not like I am).

It took a lot of convincing and a lot of “see, if we had a dog I would have some company while you’re out” and “see, if we had a dog it would guard the house for us” and more of “see, if we had a dog it would teach us responsibility” till he FINALLY caved in. Then we finally got a dog October of last year.

Penny (1) Penny (2)

Penny is a Frenchton which means she’s a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix. We originally set out to get a French Bulldog – known for the short noses, stumpy bodies and loving personalities – but at the last-minute I changed my mind and decided I wanted a Boston Terrier instead. Well, we got both.

And not only is she a combination of both of the breeds we considered, she’s also a better dog than we could have asked for. Penny is super smart, very friendly, loving (she loves to give kisses) and loves spending her time following Andy and I around the apartment. She’s an extremely important part of our small family which caused us concern when we realized we’d have to transport her to London.


Part of the relocation package offered to us by Andy’s company includes a pet transportation service. Initially they provided us with a company that would take care of the logistics of getting Penny safely from the US to the UK. However, the company they initially suggested had horrible reviews so we set out to find our own company. We spent some time researching and rejected several companies before we found Jim at AE Pets International. Jim actually came recommended to us from one of the larger pet transportation companies in the UK (that specializes in travel out of the country and not in) so we reached out to Jim, liked him and decided to go with AE Pets.

Now, some of you may be thinking “why hire a company to transport your pet?”. See, Penny is a brachycephalic dog – meaning she’s a short nose dog. Short nose dogs naturally tend to have breathing problems. This means that most airlines will not fly the breeds and those that will have restrictions on flight times. Jim’s expertise was extremely helpful in helping us navigate the situation – transporting our brachycephalic dog to London from NY/NJ in the middle of the summer. Get it??

Unfortunately, Penny won’t be on the same flight as us. In fact, she’s going through a different carrier: Lufthansa. And she’s making a stop in Germany. And the only way that Penny will leave the US the same day we do is IF the temperature in both NYC and Frankfurt are under 80 degrees. That means that if the temperature is over, Penny has to stay behind and wait it out.

sad bulldog

We are hopeful that we get a cool day and she is able to travel with us. But unfortunately, it’s too early to tell. The good news is that Jim’s company takes care of everything from picking her up on the day of the flight, taking her to the airport, and delivering her to our door in London. And, if it is too hot for her to fly, Jim and crew will handle changing her flight and housing her if necessary.

It’s a stressful, nerve-wrecking thing to send your pet off on a 7-hour flight. Especially in the middle of the summer. Wish us luck in getting our baby girl delivered to us in London. We’ll post again once she’s safely back with us.

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