Packing sucks

It’s so hard to pack up your entire life in only two suitcases!

Ok, I’m lying (again). I don’t have to pack up my entire life in my luggage – just the next month (or so) of it.

As part of the relocation package we received, movers are coming over on Monday to pack up our apartment. My part in this is limited to telling them what to pack, what will be stored and what we’ll throw out…so basically, I’ll stand around watching their every move and “supervise” their work. This actually works out perfect for me given my recent back surgery and doctor’s orders not to lift heavy items or bend repeatedly. Once the movers take our stuff away, it’ll be about 4 weeks till we see it again. It’ll be traveling via slow boat over to the UK and will be delivered to our new permanent residence (wherever that may be).

Since the movers are making it oh so easy, it means that my only major task is to pack my luggage. Sounds easy enough until you realize you have to pack about a month’s clothes in a few pieces of luggage. I’m convinced that my main luggage piece got smaller since the last time I used it because I’m not bringing THAT much stuff with me, right??

packing take 1

I read an article recently that listed travel as one of the 23 things people only pretend to like. The reason travel was listed is because of the packing and getting to/from your destination. Now, I truly am a lover of travel and usually don’t mind packing…unless I have to cram a month’s worth of clothes into one suitcase.

I’m a folder. Which means that I prefer to fold my clothes into my luggage rather than roll. Many people would argue that folding takes up a lot of surface space. But I’ve been packing my own luggage for years and years now and have always folded. So you could imagine my amazement when I tried to put all my perfectly folded clothes into my luggage and got this.

packing take 2

This about a quarter of my clothes still laying on the bed. Andy suggested I take clothes out – but c’mon, I’m a girl. That wasn’t going to happen. And being that I’m lucky enough to have work waiting for me in London, I had to pack work and casual clothes. So now what? Well, I closed the luggage, had a glass of wine and dealt with it the next day.

My friend  and colleague in Mexico suggested that I roll instead of fold so I decided to give it try since, clearly, the folding was getting me nowhere. I spent hours today unfolding and rolling each article of clothing, convinced it wasn’t all going to fit. But after rolling, cramming, stuffing and remembering to pack the travel iron this happened…

packing take 3

Eureka! It fits!

Lesson learned. While I’m usually a folder, I have to say that in this case, rolling was the way to go. Quick tip: if something is easy to wrinkle (blouses, blazers, certain materials) it’s better to fold and put on the top of the luggage. That’s what I’m going to do with my easy to wrinkle blouses and blazers. And if you’re a pro-packer, try bundling. I’m not into it but maybe you’ll be.

For more travel/packing tips that I’ll be using, check out the link to 40 genius travel tips that Andy shared with me recently.

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