We made it!…but first

First thing’s first: We have arrived in the UK! But first, I have SO MUCH to write about the days prior to the move…

The Saturday before we left the US, we hosted a going away party for ourselves. We invited a bunch of our friends to come to a beer garden in Manhattan and say their goodbyes/see ya laters. We had so much to do that day – including taking Penny to the vet, being home to receive people who were coming by to pick up some items we sold to them, and running errands. We arrived somewhat late to our shindig which turned out to be fine since our friends are never on time anyway :-p

It turned out to be a great night and lots of our friends showed up. Here’s the proof:

IMG_4603 IMG_4604 IMG_4606 IMG_4580 IMG_4596 IMG_4599 IMG_4594 IMG_4585IMG_0033

There were many more people there who we didn’t get a chance to take photos with so we apologize if your picture is not up here. Trust me, your presence was noted and very much appreciated.

We had a great time and all was going well until it came time to say goodbye. That’s when reality hit: we were moving which meant we wouldn’t be seeing most of these people for a while. And then the waterworks started. For me, it was really hard to say goodbye to people I have grown attached to. I’ve never been good at goodbyes and usually take them really hard. So you can imagine the pit I had in my stomach all night knowing that it would eventually be time for everyone to go home. Thankfully, Andy was strong for the both of us 😀

On a happier note, my AMAZING friends surprised me with this painting at our going away shindig. They all went to a paint class and painted this for me. All three of them played a hand at it. I can’t wait to put it up in our new flat and have a memory of my city. Thank you girls so much!!

photo (52)

We spent the following day spending time with our families and then spent the night at Andy’s cousin’s apartment since we had gotten rid of our bed (and sleeping on the floor is not an option when you’ve just had back surgery!).

The next day (now Monday), the movers were supposed to arrive between 9am-11am. We got back to our almost empty apartment at around 7:30am to shower and get ready. I was trying to get things sorted and organized for when the movers arrived and Andy was getting ready to take Penny to another vet appointment – this one would give her the paperwork she needed to travel. We were hoping the movers would arrive closer to 10am or even 11am because there was so much that we still needed to organize before they arrived to pack everything up. So you could imagine our faces when they showed up at 8am.


Here’s how the rest of the morning turned out: they showed up, we panicked, we rushed to move the bins meant for storage to the other side of the apartment, they asked what they were packing, we gave them a very generic tour of what to pack vs not to pack and they got started. Andy left to take Penny to the vet and I was left to “supervise” (see previous post). Before I knew it, they had packed EVERYTHING – even the things we were supposed to pack in our luggage. Included in the “everything” were our UK mobile phones, our Oyster Cards (London’s version of a subway/bus pass – which costs £5 each to purchase…fml), the charger for my work laptop (umm, I might need that) and random stuff we meant to get rid of but didn’t get around to.

Here’s what the apartment looked like once the fairy movers were done taking away everything:


IMG_4611 IMG_4612 IMG_4622

So due to the movers arriving early, our disorganization and my failure to “supervise”, we will soon receive a shipment of more stuff than we intended to take and will likely spend weeks sorting through and getting rid of things…Fun!!

Moral of this story? Sort your stuff before the movers arrive! Making mental note.

Sunday night our close friends hosted a last supper style dinner for us in Brooklyn. We spent our last night in the US with some of our closest friends, having a delicious, home cooked meal and in great company.

IMG_4623 IMG_4624

So after lots of goodbyes and tears (it is unbelievably hard to say goodbye to family), a 7 hour business class flight, and an HOUR long wait at customs, we are finally here in our (tiny) temporary flat in London. You might be wondering: where’s Penny? Did she fly out as expected? Unfortunately, it was too warm the day Andy and I flew out so Penny had to stay behind 😦 Thankfully, my family was kind enough to look after her till it was cool enough in NYC for her to go (love you guys!!). As of 4pm UK time, she has landed in London and should be on her way to her new temporary home. I’ll re-post once the princess arrives 😀

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