A few things we’ve learned so far

After only a few days here in London, we’ve picked up a few things we thought might be useful to anyone planning a visit. Here they are:

Food portions here are smaller than what you’ll find in the states. No worries, you can train your stomach to consume less 😉

You have to ask for water at restaurants. It’s not assumed that you want and it won’t automatically be brought over to you, therefore you need to make it known that you’d like some. Tap water is safe to drink here although if you’re like me, you might be sensitive to it initially.

The smallest bill is a £5. That means that you’ll end up walking around with a lot of coins. Get yourself a coin purse.

Some supermarkets will charge you for using their plastic bags vs. bringing your own. I happened to get a free reusable bag on the street yesterday and brought it with me to the market today #winning

“To stay” as Americans traditionally know it, is called eat-in here in the UK. “To go’ is called take-away.

Prices for goods at some places are different for eat-in vs take-away (it is more expensive to eat-in than to take-away).

When attempting to cross the street, look right then left (true for most streets).

You can buy wine, beer and liquor at some (maybe all – not sure yet) M&S (Marks & Spencers), Tesco and Sainsburys. This eliminates the need to go to an actual liquor/wine store.

A pint of beer is 20 oz, not 16 – yes says this beer lover!

Stores are called shops (possibly shoppes – haven’t figured it out yet).

What Americans call shows, are called programmes/series here.

Service at restaurants is not rushed. They expect that you’ll take your time (it’s ok to relax and enjoy).

Tip is usually included in the bill (not called check) in the form of a service charge. Feel free to leave some additional spare coins if the service was very good.

People say “cheers” alot….still trying to figure out the proper use of it.

And that’s it. Will update as we learn more!

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