London Sightseeing

It’s been almost a week since my last post and there’s so much to share!

Andy started his first week of work this week and is enjoying it thus far. Although he’s had several busy and long days, he’s happy in his new role. Before he went back to being a slave to work (kidding!), I took him to Portobello Market and Harrods. I had been to both on our previous trip here this past Spring but he hadn’t so I was happy to play tour guide last weekend and show him both sites. Portobello Market is located on Portobello Road in Notting Hill – which is famous from both the movie and its beautifully colored homes. Up and down Portobello Market, you’ll find shops and stands selling everything you could think of. We didn’t actually buy anything but it was fun to see.


We also had fun at Harrods that weekend where Andy and I walked around and looked at a bunch of stuff we couldn’t afford (lol). We, of course, stopped by the food court and picked up some sweet treats – Andy got an AMAZING pistachio, almond creme donut and I was boring with a brownie. I regret not taking a picture of that donut because it really was that good. Anyone who plans to visit Harrod’s food court MUST make a mental note of the donut (it’s a must because I said so!)

However, we did snap some pics at the toy section – because we (or at least me) are big kids are heart <3.




Here’s Andy clearly having fun posing like a typical tourist outside of Harrods.


Then Andy’s fun ended because he had to go back to work but since I don’t start work for another week and Penny has no job, she and I still had fun 😀 Over the week I took her to Potter’s Field Park which is south of the River Thames. We crossed London Bridge and got a good view of Tower Bridge on our walk. We sat, (I) ate lunch and had a nice chat with a family we met at the park. It was good for Penny to get out and get some exercise (she’s up to 25 pounds now!) and also good for us to get some of London’s sun.



The next day, I ditched Penny and went to the mall! I discovered the Westfield mall over in Stratford and decided to go check it out. Lucky for me, I found a bunch of American stores there – including Footlocker, Sketchers, Victoria’s Secret (!), Fossil and a bunch more I can’t remember.


The mall had an open shopping/dining area and I noticed a bunch of people going the same way. What I’ve learned here is that if the crowd is going one way you should probably follow as it means they’re headed somewhere good. So I did and stumbled upon Queen Victoria’s Olympic Park. This is where some of the 2012 Olympics were held. I ended up ditching the mall and spent the afternoon instead enjoying the sun around Olympic Park. The pictures look cloudy but I promise, there was sun.

IMG_4737  IMG_4739





I thought I’d end this post by posting a lovely photo of myself enjoying the park


…but then realized I don’t look so happy in it. So, instead I’ll leave you with this photo of The Hoff perfectly portraying how I was actually feeling…


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