Getting friendly

Andy and I have been in our new place almost two weeks now and have managed to already make some friends here. It’s all thanks to Penny though – I’ll explain why.

Last week, I was in the park (there is a great park just around the corner from our place), when I noticed a woman looking after three dogs. Let’s call her Elle. I asked if all three were her dogs and it turns out that she is a dog walker/sitter. And….she’s American! From Jersey to be exact.

She, like me, is in London due to her husband’s job. Turns out we have a lot in common, our love for dogs being one of them. She and I hit it off right away and she told me about the local Dog Club. The Dog Club is where owners bring their dogs to a nearby park and let their dogs run around – sans leash –  and socialize with other dogs. At the same time, the owners also get to socialize and meet people from around the area.

At first, Andy and I were a bit hesitant as we’ve never been into the idea of letting Penny run around with dogs we did not know. What if she got bit? What if she got sick? However, Elle managed to convince me so I talked Andy into it (“We’ll meet new people. It’ll be good for us”).

So we went to Dog Club. Penny had the time of her life.


She played, she ran around, she met other dogs. It was great.

IMG_4920 IMG_4922

(That’s Buzz – a 5 1/2 month old Boston Terrier that’s friends with Penny. He’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.)

And we_had a great time as well. We met several of the dog owners in our area – including a couple from Brooklyn that just relocated to London after having lived in Paris for four years. The husband also happens to work for the same company that Andy works for.

Through Elle (and Penny), we’ve also meet several others dog-friendly people in our neighborhood. Just this morning I was over at Caroline’s place for tea and croissants (Yes, tea really is the thing here). Caroline and her husband are from Ireland and have been living in London since the mid-80’s. She is an interior designer and gave me some great ideas for our new place. She sent me home today with a bunch of paint samples and catalogs for inspiration 🙂

So we’ve all been making new friends in the ‘hood: Andy, Penny and me. And that’s a good feeling when you’re new to the country.

Tomorrow our stuff from the US finally gets here! Wish us luck as we sort through the 5,873 boxes of stuff we didn’t mean to bring. I’ll post again about how that goes and report back on how nice it is to finally have all your clothes and not live out of a suitcase 😀

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