Happy anniversary to us!

Yesterday, Andy and I celebrated one year of marriage. How did we celebrate you might ask? At Ikea!


No, I’m kidding. We didn’t actually celebrate at Ikea but we did go there in the morning to pick up some much needed storage solutions for our place.

See, the movers came last week with their 5, 963 boxes. I’m not even kidding. They unloaded and unloaded and unloaded their truck. And after about 30-45 minutes, I dared ask “Are we almost done?” and one of the movers gave me a very honest, exasperated, and semi-pitiful “No”. So they unloaded and unloaded some more and what we ended up with was a mountain of boxes.

boxes 1

Clearly we have too much stuff. More than we know what to do with. And that proved true when the movers began to unpack the boxes (something I learned they would do only the day before our things were set to arrive). Not only did they unpack the boxes, but they actually put stuff away for us – clothes, books, pots, pans. I was not expecting that much help and was so grateful for it although, to be honest, I think they felt bad for me as I’m sure I looked stressed, worried and overwhelmed about where things would go. One of the guys said to me “Don’t worry, I see this everyday. People come from the states where they had these big houses and they bring all this stuff and then they come here and don’t know where to put it. This is London. Everything is small.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself, buddy.

And while it was a HUGE help to have them unpack the boxes and take the empty ones away, there was alot of stuff we just had no idea what to do with. So some of the boxes I actually had them leave and told myself I’d sort through them later and figure out where to put them. Current state of the bedroom picture below:

boxes 2

As you can see, we still have LOTS of boxes that need to be unpacked and things that need to find a home. I’ve been coming up with creative storage solutions (using the laundry basket for storage, getting “under the sink” and “under the bed” storage boxes, etc) but we had to make one more trip to Ikea to get a few larger pieces to put in the rest of our clothes and random stuff we can’t throw out but can’t find a place for.

So while it probably wasn’t the most romantic way to celebrate your wedding anniversary, it was productive. And productive beats romantic in my book when I’m swimming in boxes! We won’t let the anniversary go by without some sort of celebration. We have an upcoming trip to Paris to look forward to. So Ikea now, Paris later. Sounds good to me.

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