It’s hard not being a tourist

Moving to a new city is hard. That’s a given. Moving to a new country – even harder. But what’s hardest is not having the time to actually tour your new home.

We’ve been so busy trying to get ourselves a permanent flat and then trying to make it a home that we really haven’t made time to be tourists and see what this city has to offer. So, last week, Andy and I finally made time to see London via double decker bus – one of my favorite ways to see a new city. There are several tour bus companies in London – all go to the main attractions however prices slightly vary between tour companies. Andy and I went through The Original London Sightseeing Tour  since it offered us the option to buy our tickets in advance with no set date to use them on. This meant that if we planned to use them on a certain date but then plans changed, we could still use them on another date without the need to try to exchange them or – worse – lose our money’s worth.

There are other bus tour companies in London – Big Bus and Golden Tours . Since we only used one, I can’t speak to the others, however you can find a good analysis between the companies via The London Toolkit’s website. My understanding is that Big Bus offers a competitive price however requires you to book a pass for a specified date. If you don’t use it on that date, you have to go to one of their ticket location to exchange it. I didn’t do any research on Golden and therefore have no idea what their prices or exchange policies are. I did read though that Golden does not have as vast as a route as the other two.

Anyway, I thought I’d use this post to share with you all some of the pictures I took during our day as tourists. There aren’t many since some of the sites we’d already seen and we spent half the time trying to stay warm on the top deck of a bus during a windy afternoon… But still, here are some pics. Click on the photo titles for more information about the sites.

trafalgar square

Trafalgar Square

st pauls
Obstructed view of St. Paul’s

Tower Bridge

Bus driving on Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Tower of London

The Shard

The Shard

And finally, just us enjoying our touristy day.


3 thoughts on “It’s hard not being a tourist

  1. A hashtag I clicked led me to your blog, I was forced to create a username in order to leave a comment! The joys of social media lol. I’ve read every post. My mom and I will be visiting London this upcoming winter, looking forward to more of your posts so we can add to our itinerary.


    • Hi Natalie. Thanks for reading the blog and we’re glad you’re enjoying it. I’ll do my best to keep finding fun and interesting things to do here and share via the blog for you and your mom to enjoy this winter. And if you’re on Instagram, you can follow us there @almontesabroad for all the stuff that doesn’t make it to the blog 🙂


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