Sunday Roast

Yesterday, Andy and I had our first taste of Sunday Roast…

Sunday Roast Almontes Abroad


Sunday Roast is a traditional British meal consisting of meat (beef, chicken, pork and lamb seem to be the most popular) and fixings such a vegetables, potatoes and gravy. I had never heard of Sunday Roast prior to coming to the UK and was curious to its origin. In my mind, I suspected it was a ploy by pubs to get people to come in, eat a bunch of food to soak up last night’s alcohol and, in turn, get them to drink some more – genius! But upon further research I learned that Sunday Roast is more of a traditional thing than a “I need to sober up” thing.

One belief is that the concept of Sunday Roast was established in ancient practices when Yeomen (also known as Beefeaters) dined on fresh roast beef on Sundays after church service. The second thought is that Sunday Roast was developed during the industrial age. Families would put a roast in the oven prior to church with the expectation that it would be ready after service – just in time for lunch. Note that in some religious practices it is common to fast before service, therefore the English would consume this large meal, the Sunday Roast, after service making it, I would imagine, all the more satisfying. One common thread of my research is that Sunday Roast began with beef – this is due to the said notion that English people really love their beef.


Another point worth noting is that Sunday Roast is offered in many pubs and restaurants but you can, of course, make your own at home (since it’s not just a ploy by the pubs as I originally thought…).

So now that you know the history behind the famous Sunday Roast, I’ll leave you with this link from the where they share their list of 20 of London’s Best Sunday Roasts. The roast we had yesterday was tasty but not tasty enough to make this list. So, I plan to try some of the places on this list as well as some not on this list in hopes to share with you a complete Sunday Roast comparison post (and avoid ever again having to cook on Sundays!).

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