Borough Market

In all of my excitement yesterday about Sunday Roast and my new mission to try it in as many pubs as possible, I completely forgot to share the OTHER super cool thing Andy and I did over the weekend.

We checked out Borough Market which is in Southwark – just south of the Thames.

Borough Market 6 Almontes Abroad
The market has been in its current location (just south of London Bridge – right off the London Bridge Tube station) for about 1,000 years now.

Although the market is sure to let people know that it’s only 1,000 years in its current location. They claim to have been around for years before that – as early as the 11th century.

Borough Market 7 Almontes Abroad

However old, it’s amazing! I think markets, in general, are a hit or miss. Sometimes they’re great but other times they’re just filled with random chachkis that I neither want nor need. But Borough Market is different – it has just the right blend of chachki and useful.

There was a great selection of meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, vegetables, spices, olives, cooking oils, jams, wines (sparkling and non). There were oven holders and decorative platters. There were butchers and fishmongers. There was tea (of course there was tea!) and tea cup sets. There was coffee. We even grabbed lunch there sampling both Baltic and Ethiopian food. There was also Indian street food fare, Asian dumplings, some cheese sandwiches that must be famous because the line for them was ridiculous, and so much more that I can’t even remember.

Borough Market 5 Almontes Abroad

Borough Market 1 Almontes Abroad

No, no wait I remember now! There was chocolate! Like the fancy dancy kind that cost alot but you know are totally worth it! But we didn’t get any chocolate because we saw Turkish pastries and I’m all about that. So we got some Turkish delight that tasted just like the ones we had in Turkey as well as some baklava and kataifi.

Borough Market 2 Almontes Abroad

Borough Market 3 Almontes Abroad

The absolute best buy of the day (arguably) was the truffle cheese. Yes folks, I said TRUFFLE cheese.  It’s cheese that’s infused with truffle and it’s amazing. You can have it by itself or melt into some delicious recipe I haven’t thought of yet. Honestly, I cannot wait to go back to Borough just to pick up some more of that.

Borough Market 4 Almontes Abroad

So, the moral of this post is that if you’re planning a visit to London do not leave here with paying Borough Market a visit. Seriously, don’t. Don’t believe me? Watch this guy’s video where he breaks down what you should eat at Borough Market (it’ll help convince you that you should go). Once you’ve seen the light and decided to go, you can visit the market’s website for opening hours and even print a map. But when you go, don’t forget to pick me up some of that truffle goodness 😀

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