Cambridge in Pictures

A few weekends ago, Andy and I traveled to Cambridge, UK on a little day trip adventure. For those of you that don’t know, Cambridge is where the Harry Potter films were filmed…


I’m totally kidding! I have no idea where the Harry Potter films were filmed however Cambridge seems like where they should have filmed the movies. It’s old in the way that tells you it’s filled with lots of history and everywhere you go your eye is looking at yet another beautiful building.

In true Almontes Abroad fashion, I’ll first share with you the pictures (cause we know that’s what you’re all here for!) and later post a short review of our thoughts on Cambridge. So, for now just enjoy the pics and check back soon for that review 😀

Just one of the many busy, shop lined streets of Cambridge



Cambridge General Market – lots of great souvenirs and snacks

IMG_5310King’s College Chapel – the symbol of Cambridge. Said to be stunning inside although we couldn’t see it as there was a private event on the day of our trip. 
IMG_5312 IMG_5313

(Without fail, another touristy pic I made Andy pose for)


The Mathematicians Bridge

IMG_5319 IMG_5320 IMG_5321Just us, enjoying our time in Cambridge

(Punting is a very popular thing to do here. Click here to learn more about punts and punting)

IMG_5328 IMG_5329
It doesn’t get any prettier than this

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