Markets & more markets!

Andy and I had quite a busy weekend – complete with fireworks and everything!

Last weekend, we were looking for something to do and wanted to check out some new areas here in London. Andy did a bit of research and learned about Brixton. Brixton, south of the river Thames, is a very culturally diverse area that hosts a market which we wanted to check out. We took the Victoria line to the last stop, walked a little bit and easily came across the Brixton Market.


Like most markets, the Brixton Market offers several shopping options with shops selling everything from home decor to clothes to coffee. However, what really caught my eye were the many small restaurants. Think of anything you want to eat and the Brixton market offers it. From French to Asian, Italian to Mexican seriously, the Brixton market has it all. We even found a Colombian restaurant!

Andy and I decided to try an Asian place called Okan. It was packed and there was a wait to get a table (always a good sign) – which were sharing style meaning that you could very well end up eating your meal next to a complete stranger (which I did).


Like the location, the menu was also small – offering only noodles and these pancake things Andy had while in Japan a few years ago. We went for the pancakes.


While I found my pancake to just be ok, I’m definitely looking forward to going back to Brixton to check out the other food options – like tacos from the little taco stand. And, if you’re into food, trying new cuisines or just want to get some plantains or amazing coconut cake, I’d highly recommend that you check out the Brixton market.

Our next stop that day was to Covent Garden – one of the larger shopping areas here in London. We went there with a specific purpose – to go to a specific store to get some new jeans. We left jeans-less but we did get some Christmas shopping done and stumbled upon another great market!


Yes, that is a Christmas tree behind me and yes, Christmas decor is already going up here…

…but keep in mind that the UK does not celebrate Thanksgiving so Christmas really is the next holiday the Brits have to look forward to. IMG_5408


While, the shops that surround this market were much more commercial (L’Occitane, Michael Kors, Ugg Australia) the Christmas decor was amazing!



London really is beautiful during the holidays 🙂

And, as I mentioned earlier, our weekend really did end in fireworks!

On Sunday, our local park held a fireworks show in honor of Remembrance Sunday. Held on the second Sunday of November, Remembrance Sunday is a day where the Brits reflect on all those that have lost their lives to fight for freedom. In addition to the fireworks, for the month of November, the Brits pin poppy flowers to their clothing in support of their veterans.

And there you have it, that was our fun filled weekend. The only thing missing is our driving adventure…but that’s another post in and of itself. Stay tuned!

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