Belgium in Pictures

Belgium. As you may already know from our Instagram (follow us: @almontesabroad), we spent last weekend there. We did one night in Brussels, saw the sights and then made our way over to Bruges for two nights. We had terrible weather – it rained each day we were there – but still managed to make the best of it. So, enjoy the photos for now and I’ll post a review of both Brussels and Bruges in a few days. P.S. I STILL haven’t forgotten to share about our driving in the UK adventures – that will come shortly too, promise.

Us on the Eurostar again…My new favorite thing


We arrived in Brussels, dropped off our luggage at the hotel and headed straight to this place. Where the owner treated us like old friends, the food was amazing and the beers kept coming. A must if you’re ever in Brussels.


The owner had Andy try “Affligem”. He raved about it and called it “what real men drink.” I must be a man deep down cause I thought it was tasty!


The next day, despite the clouds and on-and-off rain, we ventured out to explore Brussels.





There was of course beer…

IMG_5466…and the most amazing waffles I’ve ever had in my life. If you’re ever in Brussels, do make sure to get waffles from Maison Dandoy. Yes, they are more expensive than the €1-2 waffles you’ll get from hole in the wall places but, trust me, these are better. We had ours with chocolate (Belgian, duh!) and strawberries. Andy opted for caramel while I got hazelnuts. You do pay per topping but our combos were equally delicious and well worth the price. Ok, enough talking – look at that amazingness!


So after these amazingly delicious waffles (my mouth waters just looking at this photo!) and seeing the peeing baby statue – Brussels main attraction – we had a train to catch.

And we arrived in Bruges.



Bruges is probably best known for the movie “In Bruges.” But don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of Bruges, we hadn’t either till we moved to London.


Bruges is a canal city which makes for really pretty pictures.

IMG_5494We found this place called “2 Be Beer” which is famous for its Beer Wall.



Inside was a great store with wall to wall beers…


…and really great chalkboard signs.


We visited the “De Halve Maan” brewery and although the tours were all sold out, we still got to sample some of the beer.




But we didn’t JUST drink on this trip, we ate chocolate too!





And, in true Almonte fashion, we ended the trip with our first drink of choice, our true alcoholic love – wine.


So, despite the shitty weather we had a nice time in Belgium and I cannot wait to share with you our thoughts. Stay tuned!

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