Thanksgiving at the Almontes

Happy Monday!

I thought I’d start off the week by sharing about the Thanksgiving dinner Andy and I had this past weekend. While most of our US readers celebrated on Thursday, we celebrated on Friday (mainly because Thursday was a normal day here). Andy worked from home on Friday, we hit the gym first thing in the morning and then I spent countless hours cooking. By the time dinner was over, I was exhausted. My back ached, my feet hurt and I was super tired (whoever thought it’d be a good idea to go to the gym prior to spending all day cooking needs to get punched in the face!…oh wait, that was my idea :-/). However, it was all worth it and the food turned out amazing!

On the menu was:

Turkey – crown not whole. Turkey crown is basically a large turkey breast, instead of the breast plus wings, thighs and whatever else. I searched high and low for a whole turkey, only to realize that they are only “in season” for Christmas since, I guess, they are traditionally what the Brits have for Christmas dinner. If you really want a whole turkey vs the crown, you can order one from your local butcher. Since I knew we weren’t going to feed an army and since Andy and I both prefer breast meat, I went with the crown.

Homemade stuffing – complete with sausage and dried cranberries. Sweet and savory all in one.

Sweet Potato Casserole – like the one you get at Ruth Chris’ that has the brown sugar and pecans on top. Yum!

Sautéed Garlic Kale – a little side dish I learned about during one of our Sunday Roast adventures. Super easy to make with just kale, olive oil and garlic.

Apple pie a la mode with homemade caramel sauce – my own personal recipe. I didn’t make the crust and instead spent too long researching what pre-made pie crust is called. In case you’re interested, it’s called Shortcrust Pastry. It comes in a frozen block which you have to thaw and roll out. It’s not the best crust ever and not sure I’ll be using it again.

It sounds simple enough but it took me weeks to plan the menu. I wrote down every single dish, every single ingredient needed, whether I already had something to serve the dish in or needed to get one. I did tons of research (because brown sugar is not just brown sugar here – there’s a bunch of different types of sugar and several are brown), and even listed whether the items were things I could find at my local supermarket or had to special order online. I even listed the order in which I would make things (apple pie the night before, stuffing first thing in the morning, then casserole, turkey and finally, garlic kale right before serving). Yes, I got that specific.

And like most Thanksgiving dinners, we ended up with way too many leftovers. But that was mainly due to the fact that our British friends were supposed to come over but ended up not being able to make it – leaving me and Andy to eat a 5.5 lb turkey and sides on our own. But that’s ok because tomorrow I’ll make a soup with the leftover turkey and have lunch for the rest of the week.

After all the cooking and planning, I managed to snap a few photos of the results of my very first Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Day for us. Dinner in the oven and college football on the tv.


My turkey crown. Special thanks to my mom and BFF for sharing their secrets on how to season the turkey.


Dinner is served.



Andy carving the turkey (his first time and he did a great job!)


No, that’s not Andy’s plate. That’s my plate!


The only thing missing is the pie. By the time we got around to eating it, we were beyond stuffed and I totally forgot to snap a photo.

So, all in all, I’d say Thanksgiving at the Almontes was a success. So much so that Andy now wants me to cook dinner every Thanksgiving…


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