Winter Wonderland in London

Another day, another post. But this time I want to share with you about the Winter Wonderland.

Over the weekend (after the food coma), Andy and I went over to Hyde Park (which is like London’s version of Central Park) to experience Winter Wonderland – a huge fair with a winter theme. Winter Wonderland is an annual event here in London and seems to be one that Londoners look forward to.

Since it’s a fair, there are rides. And there were plenty of rides to choose from – from the giant ferris wheel to the flying chairs to the carousel and even the several small-scale roller coasters. There was plenty of food – both sweet and savory – like hot dogs, burgers, crepes and cotton candy. There were several beer stands serving beer, wine and mulled wine – which taste like warm red wine with nutmeg and cinnamon. There was even a huge indoor beer garden serving Bavarian style beer and food! There were also vendors selling everything from winter hats and other accessories, to jewelry and cool home decor.

If you find yourself in London around the holidays, I’d highly suggest you pay Winter Wonderland a visit. Like with most carnivals/fairs, there’s something for everyone. Andy and I were there late afternoon/early evening and got to see the transition between mainly families who were there during the day time to mainly couples and groups of friends who were there for the night-time fun.

I didn’t take too many photos but here are some of the ones I did get. If you want to see more pics, get on Instagram and look up #winterwonderland or #hydepark for some great pics taken by others.












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