Mexican Takeaway in London

It’s raining today in London (surprise, surprise) so I thought it’d be the perfect time to sit down and give my blog a bit of love by sharing about my recent mission. As some of you may know, one of our favorite cuisines is Mexican food (we also love Indian and I really love Turkish food). And since moving to London, Andy and I been having a hard time find decent Mexican options here. So we made it a point to explore several Mexican food places in the hunt for a favorite.

Below, I share with you a list of the places we have tried for takeaway and our thoughts on the food, the drinks and the price. No comments on service as we visited all of the places below for takeaway.


Tortilla prides itself on having been voted the best Mexican restaurant and takeaway in London. It has several locations in England with the majority here in London. Tortilla was described to me as “like Chipotle but not as good.” I couldn’t agree more and here’s why.

Food: The menu is very simple. You pick between a burrito, a naked burrito (which is basically a burrito sans tortilla shell) and tacos. You then choose from five fillings and can grab some sides like salsa and/or guac if you choose. When I came here for lunch, I ordered the naked burrito with grilled chicken filling – similar to what I would get at Chipotle back home. Unfortunately, I didn’t find it as good and thought the chicken to be on the dry side and the guac underwhelming.

Drinks: I didn’t try any of the alcoholic beverages while there but I do know that they sell both frozen margaritas and beers. It has a wide selection of beers including Pacifico and Modelo.

Price: Tortilla is very reasonably priced. A medium-sized meal will set you back a fiver while a large-sized meal is £6. Beers are between £2.50-£4.50 and the margaritas are around £4.

Overall: I didn’t find the food at Tortilla to be great but I do like that the prices are reasonable. Andy has yet to go therefore I’d be interested to get his thoughts and update accordingly.

Benito’s Hat

We stumbled upon Benito’s while living in temp housing back in the summer. Benito’s claims to offer some of the best burritos and margaritas in London and while we didn’t think it was the best, it wasn’t all too bad.

Food: Benito’s offers the usual: burritos, tacos and naked burritos. But what I really liked is that it also offers baby burritos if, like me, you can’t finish a normal sized one. It offers about seven fillings and a variety of salsas. Andy got a burrito while I opted for the tacos. The portion sizes were good and we were satisfied with the taste.

Drinks: Again, didn’t try any but happen to know it offers margaritas, beers, cocktails, wines and non-alcoholic beverages.

Price: Pricing varies depending on filling and your choice of filling holder (burrito, taco, etc). The burritos are probably the most expensive food item on the menu – almost all being upwards of £6. The tacos range between £2-£2.45 for one. Drinks also vary. Margaritas can go anywhere from £6-7 depending on which kind you get (they have options!) and the beers go between £3.50-£4.

Overall: The food at Benito’s Hat was not bad at all. While not my favorite Mexican takeaway in London, both Andy and I definitely enjoyed it.

Burrito Mama

Burrito Mama is a little gem I stumbled upon one day while looking for lunch near the St. Paul’s tube station. It claims to make “Better Burritos. Simple.”  And while it doesn’t claim to make the best burritos, I’d say it makes some pretty damn good ones.

Food: Burrito Mama’s menu is slightly different from the other two places mentioned above. While it offers a standard burrito, baby burrito, naked burrito (which they call Burrito Pot) and salad, it also givea you the option of having a Wholemeal Mama Burrito – a burrito on wholemeal/whole-wheat tortilla, Half & Half – a standard burrito with your choice of two fillings, and a lighter version of the standard burrito which substitutes rice for slaw. What I really, really love about Burrito Mama is that it offers five filling options – one of which happens to be chorizo (one of my favs!!!). I had a baby burrito with chorizo filling and was transported to a Mexican heaven!

Drinks: Pacifico is available for £3.50. Non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Price: Burritos and their smaller/lighter varieties range between £5-£6.50. The set price includes the pork, chicken and chorizo fillings. Steak filling is an additional 50p while the veggie filling is minus 50p.

Overall: Of the three, Burrito Mama is probably my favorite of the three. To be fair, it’s probably because it was the only ones to offer chorizo as a fillings option. I would definitely like to go back and sample some of the other filling options too, while giving Andy a chance to try their food and form an opinion. And while we haven’t found an amazing Mexican takeaway option here in London, I think I found one that I would happily recommend to any hungry person near St. Paul’s.

We are always on the hunt for good food. Do you have any favorite Mexican food places? Where are they located? Tell us in the comments section below!

Next week, we’ll be back talking about some of the sit-down places we’ve sampled Mexican food at and will be sharing our thoughts on each of them. Stay tuned!

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