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If you’ve been following us on social media lately (if you haven’t, you should) you’d know that Andy and I spent the past week in Turkey. While there were many things I loved about Turkey, there were equally as many things I found challenging. One of which was the language.

If you’ve been reading the blog or know me personally, you’ve probably heard me stress the importance of knowing basics words and phrases when traveling to a new country. I strongly believe you should know how to say please, thank you, hello, ask for water and help, and know numbers 1-10 (at least). It really goes a long way with the locals and shows that you are willing to make an effort.

I knew learning Turkish was not going to be easy which is why I was thrilled when I came across this amazing app called uTalk. uTalk is a language learning application developed in 2013 by the folks of EuroTalk who specialize in language learning. They revamped the app just last year and developed a new, beautiful interface that is not only nice to look at but super easy to use.


I chose Turkish as the language I wanted to learn but they currently offer about 100 languages – everything from Spanish, French, German and Japanese, to Finnish, Serbian, Hungarian and Mongolian. Also, the app is designed to run in the language of your choice (which you determine in your settings) which means you don’t have to learn from English. A Spanish speaker can learn Japanese; a Dutch speaker can learn French – you get the picture!

Starter words in all offered languages are free however there is a charge for the more advanced lessons (read on to learn how to get a premium version for free!).


The uTalk app really came in handy while we were in Turkey. We used it to look up the important words and phrases, like “thank you” (teşekkürler) and “two beers please” (iki bira lütfen). It was fun watching the Turks surprised at the little bit of Turkish we had learned and some, assuming we knew the language thoroughly, even tried to start a conversation with us in Turkish.



I really can’t stress enough the importance of knowing the basics when visiting a country whose language isn’t your first. And, to help all our travel loving readers be better prepared for their next trip abroad, I’ve teamed up with EuroTalk to offer three readers the chance to get free, full app access to a language of their choice.


(Only entries that have followed the steps below will be considered valid!)

Step 1: Make sure you are following our blog. This means that you click the “follow” button on the lower, right hand corner of the home page. This will officially count you as an Almontes Abroad blog follower (congrats!).

Step 2: Share about this giveaway using your own social media account (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Share/tweet/post about the giveaway on your social media and be sure to use #almontesabroad. Make sure your page is NOT private so we can see it.

Step 3: Think about which language you’ll want to learn if you’re selected as a winner – we’ll need to tell EuroTalk so they can prepare your access.

And that’s it! Click here to enter!

Please note: uTalk is currently only available for iPhone and iPad users. Android and Windows phone users will have to sit this one out. The giveaway is open till June 10th at midnight (BST) and winners will be announced on Friday, June 12th. 

Good luck! Iyi şanslar!

3 thoughts on “uTalk by Euro Talk

  1. I’m doing Catalan it’s a challenge and doing it slowly but surely want to be fluent even listen and watch Catalan stations.


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