Now that we are officially back from our summer hiatus, I thought it’d be good to quickly address some of the questions we’ve received regarding Brexit. See below and free feel to comment with any Q’s I may have left out…

What is Brexit?

Brexit refers to the UK’s intention to leave the European Union (EU). Talks arose regarding the UK and the EU – some people wanted the UK to leave. The Prime Minister at the time (he’s resigned since) decided to hold a referendum – basically giving people the option to vote whether to stay in the EU or leave. The vote occurred at the end of June with  52% of voters opting to leave the EU. The close results caused huge disbelief in some and now Scotland is exploring leaving the UK so that it can once again be part of the EU.

Did you vote?

Nope, we are not eligible to vote here.

Does this mean you have to leave the UK?

Nope, not at all. Brexit does not affect our visa status at all.

How does Brexit affect you?

Not really to be honest. As American expats, our ability to stay in the UK is not affected. Our ability to travel to EU nations does not change either. However, what has been affected is the value of the GBP (£). The pound dropped significantly shortly after Brexit which means that our £££ won’t go as far as it used to.

Is now a good time to travel to the UK?

Probably. Now’s probably a good time to visit since the £ has dropped – it means your money will go further than it would have this time last year.

Does this affect your jobs?

Nope. Andy and I both work for American-based companies and neither of our companies have talked about closing it’s London offices or relocating employees. It’s BAU (business as usual).

Does this make you think about going home anytime soon?

Not really….and with the US presidential elections coming up this November, we might not be back anytime soon!


That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Talk soon.

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