About Us

Hello! And welcome to Almontes Abroad!

We’re the Almontes.


Andy and Ivonne Almonte to be exact.

We’re a pair of newlywed Americans who have decided to move to the UK. Our reasons were simple:

  1. Andy’s company offered him a great role in its London office

  2. We loved the idea of someday living abroad

So we packed up and moved 3,500 miles to start the next chapter of our lives.

This blog started as a way to keep our family and friends updated on our life abroad. As more and more ideas were created, it turned into a blog about travel, London and life abroad – from an expat’s point of view, of course. Today, our goal is to still keep our loved ones informed on our lives abroad, while also keeping our readers updated on the most interesting places and things we’ve experienced while living abroad.

A bit more about us:

Andy is a huge techy and foodie. He enjoys discovering all the good food places in London.  His motto in life: “Never leave food on the plate”.

Penny is our Frenchton – French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix. Her favorite thing to do is to cuddle on the couch with mommy and daddy. She also LOVES peanut butter.

Ivonne is the writer behind Almontes Abroad. She makes sure the blog is kept updated and occasionally cooks dinner. She’s also a fan of red wine and beer.

A note on copyright: Writing and photography property Almontes Abroad unless used under “Free License” status. You may not copy or otherwise reproduce any of this material without prior written permission. All rights reserved.

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