30 in Dubai

As you may remember from my post last year, I spent my 29th birthday at the urgent care clinic (fun!). This year, however, I spent my birthday somewhere waaayy better – Dubai.

Dubai has been on my list of “places to see before I die” for quite some time now. I’ve heard so many things about the city and I was interested in experiencing it for myself. So, I was extremely excited to check this one off my list.

Dubai is like nothing I’ve ever seen before – glitz and glamour everywhere you look. It’s a mix of the UK, Europe and the U.S. – with an Arabic feel. This means that you can find practically anything and everything you want there – including my favorite frozen yogurt chain, Pinkberry. Yuumm…Pinkberry.

Ok, back to Dubai.

The culture in Dubai is said to be very strict – from what you wear to how you should behave in public. And, to be honest, this worried me quite a bit as I didn’t want to unknowingly do something to offend the locals. But, what I realized after only a day there is that the culture is a lot more tolerant of tourists (and the stupid things us tourists do) than I imagined. While I made sure to always keep my shoulders covered, I saw many woman sporting bare shoulders. And while Andy and I made an effort not to hold hands while out in public, as we read that hand holding is illegal in the UAE, we saw plenty of couples holding hands (other types of PDA are tolerated though so don’t go trying it!).

One of the highlights of our time in Dubai was a desert safari tour we took with a company called Platinum Heritage. A driver came to pick us up at our hotel and drove us about about an hour away to Platinum Heritage’s desert reservation. We then got into this vintage Jeep and rode into the desert, stopping for the occasional animal sighting. Afterwards, we went back to Platinum Heritage’s camp site where there was dinner and entertainment waiting for us. While the day itself was a bit touristy, we did get to ride camels (the one thing I really wanted for my birthday!) which is an experience that I will remember for a life time.

I could go on and on about Dubai and my thoughts on it, however I know you’re all really here for the pictures :-p so I’ll leave you with some photos and videos of our trip. Feel free to comment below and let me know about your time in Dubai (especially all the parts we missed!).

At the Burj Khalifa

IMG_9065 IMG_9089 (1) IMG_9092 IMG_9093


Selfies at the Burj
Selfies at the Burj


The Dubai Mall Fountains
Our desert safari experience – complete with appropriate headgear
Vintage Jeeps

IMG_9101 IMG_9016 IMG_9006 IMG_9099


We met a falcon while on our desert safari


The amazing campsite set up by Platinum Heritage tours
At the Dubai Marina
The Dubai Marina

IMG_9095 IMG_9096 IMG_9063

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